Please see the full list of Royal Windsor Horse Show exhibitors from 2022.  A list for 2023 will appear here nearer the time.

The red star indicates that the company has a special show offer for visitors.

To get a feel for where your favourites are within the village, please see the Shopping Map

Show Offer!ExhibitorCategoryStand
1st Class ImagesHorse & RiderG250
A Touch Of SilverJewellery & FashionB067
A. C. Beck & SonRoyal Warrant Holders AssociationRWHA09
Abha LondonJewellery & FashionC056
Ancora EquestrianHorse & RiderC209
Anne Johnston Gill Fine ArtJewellery & FashionB075

Ascot Top Hats LtdCountry Lifestyle & LivingA070
Ashford StablesHorse & RiderE230
AW HainsworthRoyal Warrant Holders AssociationRWHA15

Ayr Equestrian LtdHorse & RiderC169

Aztec Diamond Horse & RiderB145
Backinaction The Mobiliser and Varier Ergo-DesignCountry Lifestyle & LivingA106
B.E. BoutiqueHorse & RiderD189
Baba ArtHorse & RiderD199

Bed-Down Premium Equine BeddingHorse & RiderC198
BemerHorse & RiderB133

BendicksRoyal Warrant Holders AssociationRWHA40
Bethany RaeJewellery & FashionB047

Birdie LondonJewellery & FashionA068

Blackheart EquestrianHorse & RiderA118
Bloomfield HorseboxesHorse & RiderHB003
Bradley LeatherworkJewellery & FashionA060
BramblecrestHorse & RiderF200
Brass TacksHorse & RiderE170
British Horse Feeds & Golden Paste CoHorse & RiderE198
BurbiJewellery & FashionA054
Caroline NichollsCountry Lifestyle & LivingC091
Cashmere RebornJewellery & FashionB051

Celtic TweedJewellery & FashionC063
Charles Owen Royal Warrant Holders AssociationRWHA01
ChathamCountry Lifestyle & LivingA098
Chillout HorsewearHorse & RiderB115
Claudio LugliJewellery & FashionC051
Cleveland Bay Horse SocietyHorse & RiderE200
Cobra BeltsJewellery & FashionA052
Collier & DobsonCountry Lifestyle & LivingC044
Colours By EllJewellery & FashionC081
Country ConnectionsJewellery & FashionA062
Crafty PoniesHorse & RiderC109
Croford CoachbuildersRoyal Warrant Holders AssociationRWHA05
Croftcraft DesignsCountry Lifestyle & LivingA082
Crown Oak FurnitureCountry Lifestyle & LivingB107
Cwd @ EquiluxeHorse & RiderA142
Davidstow CheddarRoyal Warrant Holders AssociationRWHA19
Delanns JewelsJewellery & FashionC043
Devoucoux SellierHorse & RiderA130
DormaRoyal Warrant Holders AssociationRWHA20
Drimee LtdHorse & RiderC143

eGloveHorse & RiderC190

Ella and CherryJewellery & FashionC062

Emma Ziff PhotographyCountry Lifestyle & LivingC094

English BridlesHorse & RiderC193
Equi-Trek LtdHorse & RiderD400

Equine America UK LtdHorse & RiderC204
Equitex Horse & RiderC151

Eqwax LtdHorse & RiderC188

Estribos ArgentinaJewellery & FashionB057

Fab Dab Do by SplattermakeHorse & RiderE202
Fabbri Boots UKHorse & RiderB135
Finer EquineHorse & RiderA126
FitzwallsHorse & RiderC121
FlexarsHorse & RiderC135

Floris LondonRoyal Warrant Holders AssociationRWHA29

FoxyequestrianHorse & RiderB123
Foy & Co InteriorsCountry Lifestyle & LivingA102
Fudge KitchenCountry Lifestyle & LivingB089
Gamebirds Clothing Jewellery & FashionC047
Gemma JJewellery & FashionB083

GodminsterCountry Lifestyle & LivingB091
Godwin LifestyleCountry Lifestyle & LivingB095
Groubier Pere et FilsCountry Lifestyle & LivingA074
Halcyon DaysRoyal Warrant Holders AssociationRWHA30
Half Step EquestrianHorse & RiderC189
Hartington Financial LtdCountry Lifestyle & LivingC106
HaygainHorse & RiderE190
HermesCountry Lifestyle & LivingA002
HihoJewellery & FashionA042
Holland CooperHorse & RiderC129
Hollrock EquestrianHorse & RiderE186
Honri HatsHorse & RiderE182
Horse Direct X 4?Horse & RiderC159
Household CavalryHorse & RiderD188
Hudson EquineHorse & RiderD186
I G Equine BoutiqueHorse & RiderA122

Ivy & DukeCountry Lifestyle & LivingA072

Ivy & DukeHorse & RiderD202
Jaguar LandroverCountry Lifestyle & LivingLR001

Jane Johansson ArtCountry Lifestyle & LivingB111
Jelka & ArenamateHorse & RiderD203

JG Horse SuppliesHorse & RiderC206
Joshua Jones UKCountry Lifestyle & LivingC116
JoulesCountry Lifestyle & LivingC099
Justinreess EnglandJewellery & FashionA066
Kep ItaliaHorse & RiderA124
Kingsley SmytheHorse & RiderF300

Koy ClothingJewellery & FashionB079

Latham & TaylorJewellery & FashionC067
Laurie and JulesJewellery & FashionC079
Leisure Shop LtdHorse & RiderA110
Lister Royal Warrant Holders AssociationRWHA03
Little HeroJewellery & FashionB073

ManteauxJewellery & FashionB043
Margaret Lee PalmistryHorse & RiderE234
Mark Davies Injured Riders FundJewellery & FashionA050
Mark Russell Jewellery & FashionB063
Martin Collins EnterprisesHorse & RiderF280

Maxima EquestrianHorse & RiderA136

Miller & ChalkCountry Lifestyle & LivingB109

MocharaHorse & RiderC139
Moore EQ For MenHorse & RiderB129

MpiraJewellery & FashionB081
Nags EssentialsHorse & RiderC186
Nicola SextonCountry Lifestyle & LivingC092

Nouvelle HabitHorse & RiderE184
Oakley HorseboxesHorse & RiderHB001
Official MerchandiseHorse & RiderC115

OlvossaHorse & RiderC197
Owens HorseboxesHorse & RiderD208
Oxfam GBJewellery & FashionA058
P & G HatsJewellery & FashionB065

Philomena London Luxury OutfittersCountry Lifestyle & LivingC100
Pinkster GinCountry Lifestyle & LivingB093
PionerosJewellery & FashionC083
PolyjumpsHorse & RiderC208
Premier Performance CZHorse & RiderA140
PulsemagneticsCountry Lifestyle & LivingB099
Pygmalion and Funck LtdHorse & RiderD181
R T Machinery LtdRoyal Warrant Holders AssociationRWHA39

Renaissance by PrestigeHorse & RiderB125

Royal Warrant Holders Association & Queen Elizabeth Scholarship TrustRoyal Warrant Holders AssociationRWHA27
Royal Windsor Horse Show TrophiesHorse & RiderF290
Royal Windsor Shopping Village - Show Information Horse & RiderA001
Ruff and TumbleCountry Lifestyle & LivingA094
Salient KnivesCountry Lifestyle & LivingA076

See Change NowHorse & RiderB137
Shopping Drop OffHorse & RiderA003

SilverpinkJewellery & FashionA046
Smart GroomingHorse & RiderE180
StartsmartJewellery & FashionC054

Stevenson BrothersCountry Lifestyle & LivingC050
Stromsholm LtdRoyal Warrant Holders AssociationRWHA07

Supreme ProductsHorse & RiderA114

Sussex LusitanosHorse & RiderE196
Taylor's PortRoyal Warrant Holders AssociationRWHA23

Team EliteHorse & RiderC211

The British Horse SocietyHorse & RiderBHS Frogmore

The Burnished HorseJewellery & FashionB045
The Clothes Horze CompanyHorse & RiderB141

The Comfy Horse CompanyHorse & RiderC205
The Firebowl ShopCountry Lifestyle & LivingA100
The Horse & Dog Education CoHorse & RiderA132
The Horse TrustHorse & RiderE204
The Horse TrustHorse & RiderE208
The King's Troop Royal Horse ArtilleryHorse & RiderD201

The Oxton Liqueur CompanyCountry Lifestyle & LivingA088
The Profiles RangeHorse & RiderC107
TiptreeRoyal Warrant Holders AssociationRWHA21

Town Talk PolishRoyal Warrant Holders AssociationRWHA33
Townfields Saddlers LtdHorse & RiderC185
Toy Horse Co. & The Sweet HouseHorse & RiderC201
Truefitt & HillRoyal Warrant Holders AssociationRWHA31

Turner & BellCountry Lifestyle & LivingB113

Visualeyes EyewearJewellery & FashionB059
Voltaire DesignHorse & RiderC147
Wallace Cameron InternationalRoyal Warrant Holders AssociationRWHA10
Warwickshire ClothingHorse & RiderA152
WB EquilineHorse & RiderC202
WelligogsJewellery & FashionC059
Whittakers CoachbuildersHorse & RiderHB002
WineomaniaHorse & RiderE188
Wolds Wreaths DecorCountry Lifestyle & LivingA080
Woodcock ClothingJewellery & FashionC075
Woof by BaileyCountry Lifestyle & LivingB097
Wrought Iron & Brass Bed CoRoyal Warrant Holders AssociationRWHA13