RWHS-Disciplines-900x600-jumpingWhat is Show Jumping?
Show Jumping tests the accuracy and athletic ability of both horse and rider. There are a number of different heights at which horse and rider compete at Royal Windsor, ranging from 1.20m through to 1.60m. No matter what the height, the key to winning is all about jumping the fences in a particular sequence whilst leaving them all up. The horse and rider that goes clear in the fastest time is then the winner!

Royal Windsor is proud to host some of the best Jumping in the UK with International Show Jumping being the highlight of the Show, when visitors can enjoy watching the world’s best equestrians battling it out in the Castle Arena.

RWHS-Disciplines-900x600-drivingWhat is Driving?
The Land Rover International Driving Grand Prix is one of the most important driving events in the UK and is also a FEI World CupTM qualifier. There are three stages to the competition. The Driven Dressage involves the team driving a set series of movements and takes place on the Friday of the Show. The Marathon Stage takes place on the Saturday; this challenging stage requires the competitors to drive at speed around eight obstacles and is one of our most popular parts of the competition. The final stage is the Cone Driving on Sunday where teams drive through narrowly spaced pairs of cones in a set time.

RWHS-Disciplines-900x600-showingWhat is Showing?
There are a host of Showing classes at Royal Windsor Horse Show and it has become the event that heralds the start of the Showing season, with potential champions out for the first time of the year.  Showing has classes for different breeds and types of horses and ponies.  The judges are looking for the best example of a breed or type.  If you think of it as Crufts for Horses you are thinking on the right lines.  Highlight classes include the Mountain and Moorland Supreme Championship (Mountain and Moorlands are collectively our native breeds coming from, for example, Exmoor, Dartmoor, etc) and the Hunter, Cob and Hack Championships (Hunters, Cobs and Hacks are types of horses).

RWHS-Disciplines-900x600-enduranceWhat is Endurance?
Endurance involves a ride, usually over open country, along a specified route for a set distance with specific speed requirements and checkpoints along the way. Competitors are issued with a map of the route a few days before the competition which they must study carefully and measure, in order to plan their ride pace and finish in time. Competitors are also required to present their horse or pony to be vetted before, after each loop and at the end of the ride to ensure that the horse or pony is sound enough to continue and that it is being well managed by the rider.

Taking place on the Friday of the Show, Endurance competitors ride a set course around the beautiful countryside taking in parts of Windsor Great Park. It is a test of skill and stamina for both horse and rider.