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Royal Windsor Horse Show Displays

The Main Displays

There are four key displays in the Castle Arena, but visitors can also enjoy displays around the Showground in the five Hubs with their different areas of interest.

DAKS Pony Club Mounted Games

Taking place throughout the Show week, the final of the Games takes place on Sunday. Teams from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland compete against each other in a variety of challenging but hugely entertaining races – fun for all the family!
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The Defender Shetland Pony Grand National

The highly competitive jockeys (and ponies!) will be battling it out for a win in the Castle Arena every day. Watch these brave little ponies speed around the course and cheer them on as they head for the finish.
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The Musical Drive of the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery

The Musical Drive of the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery is a spectacular display which demonstrates all the talent and skill of these soldiers. Their unique ability lies in controlling teams of six horses pulling wheeled guns at high speed. Comprising 4 guns, 26 horses, 14 mounted soldiers and 16 dismounted soldiers, the Musical Drive showcases the military precision and manoeuvres used in the First World War to drive guns around the battlefield.
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The Hubs

The Hubs are five unique areas of special interest – Art, Gardening, Performance, Food, and Green – in the form of live presentations, demonstrations and performances. The Hubs are dwelling places for the visitor to enjoy as they journey through the show.
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