Royal Windsor Horse Show – COVID-19 Code of Conduct

For your safety and the safety of others, please make sure to observe the following whilst at Royal Windsor Horse Show:

  • Visitors will be required to provide full contact details for Test and Trace purposes prior to distribution of entry tickets. Tickets do not need to have an individual name allocated to them, but the Lead Booker (individual who has booked the tickets under their name) is responsible for communicating Test and Trace updates to their party.
  • Visitors must complete a Personal Health Declaration prior to attending the event. For bookings made under one name, the Lead Booker is responsible for filling this out on behalf of their group.
  • Do not travel to Royal Windsor Horse Show if the following circumstances apply:
    1. You or anyone you live with have any Covid-19 symptoms or you have had a positive test in the last 10 days, or have been asked to self-isolate for any other reason under UK Government Guidance.
    2. You have been informed via NHS Test and Trace, or other means, that you are a ‘contact’ of an individual who has tested positive within 14 days of the event.
    3. You have travelled from a UK-red-listed country in the past 14 days.
  • Only travel to Royal Windsor Horse Show if you have pre-booked your entrance ticket or hospitality package; these can be done online on the day, subject to availability.
  • Where possible please travel to Royal Windsor Horse Show in private transport.  Make sure that you book your car park ticket when you book your entrance tickets.
  • Please comply with any health checks that may be required on entering the showground.
  • A bag and personnel search will be in operation; please do not bring a bag that is larger than A4.
  • Follow all signage and the instructions of staff, officials or any emergency service personnel present at Royal Windsor Horse Show.
  • Guests must not socialise in a group of more than six people, including in a public space; please adhere to the ‘rule of six’ and follow UK Government advice with regards to mixing of households.
  • Observe all 2m social distancing protocols at all times, whether inside or outside the showground.
  • Make sure all walkways, corridors and doorways etc are clear before you walk through.
  • Make sure all toilets have sufficient room to maintain the 2m social distance prior to entry and do not exceed the capacity stated on the entrance into these areas.
  • Avoid face-to-face contact with other spectators and avoid hugs, high fives and any contact with people not in your social bubble.
  • If you are over 12 years of age, face coverings must be worn at all times inside any structures on the show site except when eating or drinking at your table.  We ask that visitors wear their mask when entering the grandstands but they may remove them once seated.
  • If you are exempt from wearing a face covering, please download the appropriate form and have this pass with you at all times; hidden-disability lanyards are available from the Ticket Office if you are exempt.
  • Regularly wash your hands, use hand sanitizer and avoid touching your face and dispose of any used tissues appropriately. Please avoid touching handles or railings unless necessary.
  • Do not remove hand sanitizer or other personal hygiene products from their locations.
  • Royal Windsor Horse Show will be selling food and drink for consumption. All food and drinks will be served to seated guests in the Members and Hospitality areas. We will have the QR code for Members. For public catering, customers will order at the unit and collect items from a pick-up point at the unit. We ask you to comply with all directions from our serving staff.
  • Royal Windsor Horse Show will be operating a cashless-event policy; however, there may be some shops or outlets who still need to handle cash. All handling of cash will be in line with standard banking protocols.
  • Make sure other members of your group have read and understood these guidelines.

If you do not comply with this code of conduct, Royal Windsor Horse Show reserves the right to refuse your entry into the showground or require you to leave once inside.

Thank you for your support and co-operation. Stay alert and stay safe!